A Dose Of Nature To Prevent Illnesses?

It kind of makes sense doesn’t it? No matter how sick you are, if you’re surrounded by luscious greenery, the smell of rain and leaves mixed with the beautiful scent of fresh wildflowers, can instantly soothe you up. No wonder people back in the day lived longer with less sicknesses, because mostly they were always part of the nature, inevitably indulging in its natural bliss. And no wonder, doctors are actually recommending post-surgery patients to take a walk at the beach or park, unwind and relax instead of being trapped in an air-conditioned room that’s smelling like antibiotics and Joint creams. Read below to find out a few of the many health problems that can be healed by a dose of the outdoors.


It’s easy to be a couch potato, binging on Netflix dramas whilst indulging the fifth or sixth ice-cream tub in a row, blaming a heartbreak that occurred ten years ago. But this could lead to many diseases like obesity and diabetics.Preventing these kind of diseases that can steal a lot of happiness and money, can be done by spending more time outdoors than indoors. That doesn’t mean you could sit under an umbrella and scroll through Instagram, rather try staying active by taking a hike occasionally and running or jogging every morning. Remember, every physical activity you force yourself in to counts, so whether you’re running to a pharmacy Dandenong pharmacy or a coffee shop, you’re running outdoors and that’s what matters.


If you’re having asthma, then working becomes difficult when you’re indoors, whether it’s in an office, where the tables are coated with thick layers of dust or the kitchen where you’re constantly inhaling air that’s contaminated with things that can stir your asthma not just gravy in the pot. Controlling and curing asthma and other lung diseases is hard when you’re breathing in an atmosphere where smoke and dust clouds the air, and makes it worse for you to breath. This is where nature steps in. breathing fresh air that’s free from pollutants is vitally important for your lungs, so on your way to your compounding chemist, take a trip to the park or simply your backyard and just breath, smile, and be grateful for the little things.

Mental Health Issues.

Just a bit of physical activity outdoors can help to saunter out from the many types mental issues, many of us are being slapped with today. Be it stress, anxiety, panic attacks or depression, there’s a large number of people sadly being imprisoned to these mental problems so effortlessly. Whilst one reason could be the obsession to tech induced devices another reason could be the lack of sunlight washing us, giving us light, hope and happiness. Whether it a messed up family or a toxic boyfriend you’re dealing with, take a trip outdoors and the plants and the parts of nature can sooth your mind and help you ditch pills and heal naturally. Just get your head in the sun, hands in the dirt, heart full of bliss, and plant some trees!