A Guide To Neck Contouring

Neck surgeries are very common among those individuals who prefer to contour and make their kin smother and more refined with less wrinkle appearing along the neckline and chin area. Even without undergoing plastic surgery for the face, once the neck area is refined it gives a younger appearance. If you have lost weight dramatically, this is a great way to make yourself look like your neck has not been affected during the weight loss period. It will assist in restoring a balance to the features of the face and provides a defined jawline for the face. 

Contouring the neck can be defined by the aesthetic goals and not only by surgery processes. However, a surgeon who conducts cosmetic surgery will use different surgical methods for a patient who needs to shape their neck or chin to remove the sagging. Neck lift surgery Gold Coast can be done in one single process or it can be combined when doing other procedures for the facial areas which is more of a complete.

However an great ENT surgeon should be consulted before going through the surgery in order to ensure that the throat will not be damaged based on the condition that you skin is.

The advantages of going through with a neck contouring are:

  • The reduction or elimination of saggy skin, which is also known as turkey neck.
  • The process will smoothen out the wrinkled skin and any creases that can be seen along the neck
  • The results tend to be long lasting and will only go through the aging process naturally with the individual
  • It can always be combined with another facial surgery for better results
    Liposuction is part of neck contouring procedures. It removes fat that is excess and causing you to bloat. It does not improve saggy skin however; it will make the individual seem younger by almost ten to fifteen years. Elasticity skin can only be achieved by when liposuction procedure is conducted and it will leave the skin looking smooth and even. It is a very quick process, which can be completed successfully using local anaesthesia. Only one or two incisions will be made behind areas such as the ears or chin where a small cannula will be inserted to suck the excess far out. You might feel that there is a little bit of cruising and swelling which should be reduce during the first fourteen days of surgery.
    If you decide to go ahead with a neck contouring surgery, first consult a doctor and based on their diagnosis and recommendation you can do the necessary surgeries.

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