Considering Breast Lift? What Should You Know?

Breast lift or mastopexy is the process of lifting sagging breasts up. Breast is considered to be sagging when it is lower than normal. Sagging can be mild, moderate or severe depending on how much the breast is sagging. The breast is lifted by removing the excess of stretched skin.

There are many things to consider about this, like if the candidate really needs breast lifting, etc. In some cases, breast lift with implants is done. But before all this decide if you really need a breast lifting surgery. Remove whatever top you are wearing along with your bra. Stand before the mirror to have a clear look at the breasts. Now, place a pencil under the crease of the breast. It is where the band of the bra rests when you wear it. This called the pencil test.

Now, the result will be determined on the position of your nipple. If the nipple is over the pencil, you do not need breast lifting surgery. You can make your breasts look good only by buying a bra with a good lifting capability. If the nipple is just at the level of the pencil, your breast is mildly sagging. In this case, only breast implants will give you good results. The implant will fill both the upper and lower portion to give an illusion of lifted breasts. You have to weight nine months to decide if it is all perfect or not.

A lifting surgery can be done later if you are not satisfied with the results. Your breast will be considered as severely or moderately sagging depending on how much it droops. The candidates with sagging breast can definitely go for the breast lifting surgery.If you are a little confused about the size of your breast, use the mirror again. This time wear the bra. If the size looks good, you do not need any implantation. Just a lifting surgery will give you good results. And if you are not satisfied with the size, you are probably one of those candidates who need both a lifting surgery and implant.

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