It\\\’s More Than Simply A Cosmetic Problem

Venous problems though sometimes treated as cosmetic issues only are now seen as causes for development of potentially harmful conditions. Though some might think that they are only distorting the appearance of the legs doctors now agree that they can be signs of underlying medical conditions or illnesses that must be seriously considered.

If spider vein treatment Melbourne are not looked at seriously and treated you will have blood that is moving in the opposite direction throughout your leg and because of this the blood vessels can get filled with blood that can put them under a lot of stress and strain, which can lead to long lasting damage. This strain can also cause damage to the whole blood circulation system and can result in blood becoming thicker and forming clots, which can be very dangerous. Varicophlebitis is also a serious condition that can result if these conditions are neglected for long. In this condition the varicose veins become inflamed and have to be treated.


Due to the stress put on the blood vessels both legs can be affected. The stresses on the blood vessels can cause skin issues such as darkening of the outer layers, visible veins and more sensitive skin. The sensitive nature of the skin can result in edema, ulcers and even eczema which can get easily damaged causing others issues especially if the patient is diabetic. The veins can be so damaged that it can result in deep vein thrombosis as well.

Long term issues

If people do not take precautionary measures such as trusted varicose vein removal in Frankston at the onset of the problem they can develop in to varicose veins and cause much more serious damage. When the smaller veins do not function properly the larger ones that are deep within the legs are put under strain or are over worked. And this can seriously damage them. This can result in a condition called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

Take action

Many doctors are of the view that these venous issues should not be neglected and must be treated when the first signs appear. Patients are advised to take minimal treatments as early as possible to avoid serious complications. When the first signs appear people are advised to visit their doctor to get further advice. There are many ways to diagnose these conditions now. The easiest way is by touch, which can clearly identify any venous disease. There are also many high tech methods that are available now such as ultrasound and sonography that can really detect any problem areas and make prompt treatment possible.

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