Taking Care Of Infants As They Grow Up To Be Toddlers

Children are an asset. There are many parents who are depressed due to not having their own offspring. However taking care of the little ones is not so easy. As infants they need different type of care; as they grow up types of food, feeding methods, activities etc. all change. If you are a caretaker or a parent you’d need to know what to do when, especially when kids move from being an infant to a toddler. Watching them grow is a fascinating experience and when time goes by it will look like they learn a new skill each day.

Growing up

There are several skills children are supposed to be “knowing” when they are budding in age. If they seem to be missing these, you can enquire the doctor about it. For example they need to know how to chew and say words as they pass the infant and move on to a toddler stage; however such things largely depend on each individual child. Cognitive and social skills are also supposed to advance during this time. It will help you if you have done nursing courses to follow their development, but you can always talk to the doctor in case of doubtful situation.

Keeping them happy

It is inevitable kids be grumpy at times; you will never be able to keep them smiling and cheery at all times. However “smiling” and happy can be two things, in the sense, if the kids are smiling it may not be that they are happy inside. Happiness for kids is easy, they need to be loved and made sure they will always be taken care of. Toddlers have growing cognition so they need to see their parents at least for a few hours per day. The child should be “connected” to family, friends, neighbours and relatives. For example grandparents can play a big role here. Most just grow up knowing only their nanny or nurse. That wouldn’t do; it is said a connected infancy is the key to a happy childhood.

Employing a professional

Of course, with the other responsibilities, such as career and perhaps your other, elder children you might not be able to stay always by your toddler’s side. If, in this case, you are thinking of hiring someone to take care of the baby, make sure they are properly qualified. Someone with paper certificates and emergency training such as nursing CPD courses would definitely be welcome. Also they should have an understanding of nurturing little ones with praising their small wins, giving responsibility and certain autonomy.

Today the infant will become a toddler tomorrow and starting school in a flutter of an eye. They are the future of a country and it is your duty as parents to bring up a responsible citizen.

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